First of all, apologies for the Snapchat photo, but it’s the only one I’ve taken since changing my hair. I’ve had blonde in my hair since 2010 - on and off, but more on than off. I had been debating wether or not to get a fringe done for the last couple of months, but earlier this week I decided to call up my hairdresser and make an appointment. And look, I went for it!!

I got rid of the very light blonde I had on the bottom half of my hair and went back to the dark side. I didn’t want to go completely dark, so I asked for a light brown with honey highlights. The colour is absolutely gorgeous! I normally regret dying my hair back brown as soon as the hairdresser washes off the dye, but not this time. The colour looks very natural and goes really well with my skin tone. 

Now for the biggest change, the fringe!! Last time I had a fringe was when I was eight! I absolutely hated it and pinned it up straight away, so deciding to get one after all these years was pretty nerve-racking. I had never had butterflies sitting in a hair salon chair, but I did this time. I asked for a thin, wispy fringe with longer bits on the side of my face. As I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, I didn’t want to go full throttle. But as it turns out, I bloody love it! 

It was a massive change for me, but I’m so glad I went through with it. I’m still not sure how hard or easy it’ll be to style, but I’m hoping it’s not too much work haha. 

Have you ever had a fringe? If not, would you go for it?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! 
Lots of love, SFS <3


So you know I mentioned in my life update post about making my first ever Chanel purchase? Well, here it is! I’ve owned many Chanel beauty products, but owning something other than makeup from the brand was something I never thought would happen for me. I am petrified of walking into designer stores. Ricardo would tell you! It took me 3 days to finally gain the courage to walk into Chanel. The day before I made the purchase we were making our way there and all of a sudden I said ‘let’s go back to the hotel’. Ricardo did try to tell me how stupid I sounded and that I have every right to enter a designer shop, but for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to reach the door!

However, on the last day before we left I decided to woman up and enter the shop! We were actually on our way back to the hotel when I said ‘sod it, I’m going into Chanel’. I knew what I was going for, the ever so famous slingbacks. I know you’re probably thinking they’re so last season, but the thing is that to me, they’re timeless. I didn’t see these immediately, I saw a burgundy pair, a lace pair and a black pair. But under a pile of shoes a girl was trying on, I saw these beauties. 
Ideally I would have preferred them in leather, rather than suede, but they only had my size in the suede. I was in Chanel for the first time, in Rome, trying on shoes, and I just got swept up into buying them. Ricardo loved them too, so it was a no brainer. The whole experience happened very fast. All in all it must’ve taken 30-40 mins in total and no champagne in sight! The store was crowded and the sales assistants were all running up and down. I imagined a store this luxurious would be a lot calmer and quieter, but not in Rome I guess. The sales assistant was lovely and very helpful. She took the shoes into the back to have them packaged up and sent me to the till. I paid and waited around 10-15 mins for the shoes to be brought to me. 
It sounds silly, but I was so ecstatic after!! I couldn’t believe I had made my first ever Chanel purchase. Little old me walking around the Spanish Steps in Rome, carrying a Chanel shopping bag. It was surreal! After the excitement wore off, I started to worry if maybe I got pressured into buying them, not by anyone other than myself. I kept thinking if maybe I just bought them to prove a point to the sales assistant, if maybe I had bought them because I didn’t want to walk out empty handed, if they were in fact the correct size and would I be able to exchange them if they weren’t? Uff, I tell you, the thoughts running through my mind were real haha. 

Eventually I unboxed them and walked around in them for a bit. I will tell you, at first they got me worried! The strap at the back seemed like it was falling off, but actually it’s just because it sits lower than regular slingbacks. It’s a bizarre feeling at first, but once you get used to it they are the most comfortable shoes ever. They’re very classic so I initially wasn’t sure how much wear I would get out of them, but they’re the shoes I reach for the most at the moment. They go with jeans, skirts, shorts, t-shirts, dresses... absolutely everything. They are a very versatile piece that can be dressed up or down and are a real eye catcher. I always find people walking by and staring down at my shoes. I’ve also been stopped and asked where they’re from. So yeah, last season my ass haha, Chanel will always be in style. 
Considering how much I’ve worn them, they still look pristine. The suede isn’t dirty at all and the sole is hardly marked. Of course I took care of the suede before wearing them, so hopefully they’ll look their best for as long as possible. I paid €650 in Rome, which worked out to be around £540. It is a hell of a lot, but I think they’re so special and they really make you feel that way when you wear them. I would highly recommend them for anyone who is on the fence about them. In terms of sizing, I went up half a size. One, because they didn’t have my size in stock and second, I didn’t want my heel to hang out the shoe.

Sorry for how long this post was, but I just had to describe my experience. I’m also thinking of writing a post on how I afford luxury pieces. I don’t own many designer things, but I think it would be nice to see how someone with a regular job, and someone that doesn’t come from a rich background can afford to buy a designer item every now and then. Let me know if that would be something you’d read.

Have a fab week!! <3 
Lots of love, SFS.


Well, good afternoon you beautiful people! I think I’m past explaining myself, as you may have already gathered I’m not a very consistent person. I’m not one to do something just for the sake of it, and blogging wasn’t something I felt like doing until now. I don’t know if it’s down to the weather, or if it’s because I’ve finally got round to watching Sex and the City - it only took me a few years and Carrie is always typing up a storm, if it’s down to the glorious weather we’ve been having in the UK, or if it’s simply because my creative juices are back. Ew, even I have to admit that sounds gross. Sorry!

I went to Rome last month. It was mine and my boyfriends seven year anniversary and so I surprised him with flight tickets and hotel reservations. Rome was even more beautiful than I imagined. I only wish we had stayed a couple days longer. By the way, my boyfriend’s name is Ricardo. I always seem to refer to him as ‘my boyfriend’, from now on it’ll be Ricardo.

I’ve also gone back to the gym!! I quite like the gym, it’s just getting there that I can’t be bothered to do... my sofa misses me, ok? My favourite series at the moment is 13 Reasons Why. I’m sure most of you reading this have also watched it or at least heard of it. I’m currently on Clay’s tape. I’m waiting for Ricardo to catch up so we can watch it together. I feel like it has such a powerful message and it’s definitely a series that I believe should be shown in every school. It does bring my mood down a little bit, but in a way that’s why I love it so much, it has an affect. For something a little more lighthearted, I’ve been watching Sex and the City. Like I mentioned above, it’s taken me all these years to watch it. I've watched both movies so many times, but for some reason I had never been drawn to the series, but I bloody love it! Their passion for shoes is something I can definitely relate to haha :-P
Choker Topshop, Shirt H&M, Faux Fur Gilet Zara, Jeans Topshop, Boots UGG, Sunglasses Céline, Bag Louis Vuitton, Belt Gucci

Speaking of shoes, I made my first ever Chanel purchase. So exciting for me! I’ll write about it soon. And lastly on my life update, I think I’m off to Lanzarote next week. It’s all very last minute but I came up with the idea with Ricardo, and now my mum and my brother want to join us too. It’s going to be so nice!! I have never been on a foreign holiday with my mum and brother, so it’ll be something very special to me. I told my mum it’s a 2h flight when in fact it’s 4h. My mum is terrified of flying, so lying about the flight time is a necessary evil haha

Oh and I almost forgot! Me and Ricardo went to view a house yesterday as this current place is a tad too small for us, and we fell in loveeee! It’s the most perfect little house I have ever seen and I honestly hope we can get it. We’ll be renting, not buying (although I would buy that house in a heartbeat!). There is a possibility that the landlady will allow us to have a small dog which makes me want to jump around with joy! Do you have pets? Let me know their names so I can have some inspiration for mine :'D

Hope you guys have a glorious weekend! <3
Lots of love, SFS.


I always swap my perfumes when the seasons change. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck in Autumn/Winter and Bulgari Omnia Paraiba for Spring/Summer, however I fancied a change recently. I have been using Escentric Molecules for well over six months now, but for some reason I’ve gotten bored of it. I’ve heard a lot about the Armani Privé scents for the last couple of months and went by a counter to try them out.

I was so torn between Pivoine Suzhou and Vétiver D’Hiver. Initially I was adamant that I would go for the latter. I sprayed them both onto a scent strip and couldn’t stop sniffing them for the next couple of days. I was gonna be flying out soon, so I figured I would just buy it at the airport - FYI, they didn’t have them, but I did manage to find them in a shop abroad and the lovely sales assistant gave me a sample of each to take home. To be honest it didn’t help me in making a decision at all, if anything it made me even more confused.

Armani Privé is a haute couture fragrance line, so their perfumes are on the more expensive side of things. They cost £210 for the 250ml bottle and £120 for the 100ml. So you can see why picking the right scent was such a struggle for me. I didn’t want to spend so much on a bottle to then realise I preferred the other scent more. Pivoine Suzhou ended up being the winner, and my boyfriend kindly surprised me with it the other day. Insert *heart eye emoji* <3

The perfume smells of peonies and roses. I’m not usually a floral fragrance lover, but I must admit that this one changed the game for me. Something about it is so sophisticated and feminine, but there is also a fresh side to it which was what drew me to it. The scent is very light but don’t be fooled, a couple of spritzes will go a very long way so I know this bottle will last me ages! 

The bottle is beyond gorgeous, I love how stunning it looks on my dressing table. Every time I wear this I feel like I have my shit together. I don’t. But every time I wear this I feel like I do. There’s something about the scent that makes me feel so empowered, and that’s what I want to get from my perfume, a boost of confidence. I also think this would make the most amazing gift to someone.. Valentine’s day is around the corner by the way #justsaying.

What perfume are you currently wearing? :)

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Lots of love, SFS.


Matte liquid lipsticks have been all the range and are something I personally love and wear on a regular basis. I love the pigmentation and the longevity of matte liquid lipsticks, and being a lover of Chanel I just had to try out a couple of their Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colours. I believe these have been around since October and they have eight shades in the range. Not an awful lot, but they range from nude-y pinks to their signature reds. 

Amoureux was a shade I had heard a lot about, so of course that was high on my to-buy list. It’s a pretty rosy pink, but of course I couldn’t leave without a red, so I picked Choquant which is more of a raspberry shade. I bought these at the airport on my last trip because let’s face it, splashing out £28 on a lipstick you’re not sure you’re going to like is a lot, so getting a cheeky discount always takes the edge off a bit.

The packaging is beautiful! The product is housed in a gorgeous blurred glass that allows you to see the shade, and the lid is just typical Chanel perfection, black and gold. I also like that the packaging is small. Most liquid lipsticks are quite long or chunky, so this is a nice change to what I currently have in my collection.
When it comes to the formula, I must say that these aren’t my favourite liquid lipsticks out there. They’re definitely not as matte as I hoped they would be. They actually leave a bit of a sheen which I’m not a big fan of. Maybe if they weren’t marketed as matte liquid lipsticks I would feel differently about them, but I don’t feel like they fit the description. They have a velvety feel which I quite like, some of my other liquid lipsticks also have the same texture, but these are very liquidy. I feel like with the lighter shade I have to put on two layers otherwise I won’t get great colour payoff. I also find that they’re not as easy to apply as other liquid lipsticks. Something about the doe foot applicator doesn’t quite work for me. Another downside was the longevity. They did not last well on me at all! They faded evenly and left a gorgeous stain, but I would expect a matte liquid lipstick to last through a meal, or through a cup of coffee, and these did not. They also transfer very easily, so it’s not one to wear on this upcoming Valentine’s day if you’re planning on getting your smooch on haha.
L: Choquant R: Amoureux

I must say that they’re the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I have ever tried. I wore the shade Choquant the other day and completely forgot I had it on! Of course the downside was that I kept touching my lips (weird habit I have when I’m not doing much) and when I looked in the mirror I had lipstick smeared all over my face.

If definitely has its pros and cons, it’s comfortable but not long wearing, so I guess it’s down to personally preference. I adore Chanel as a brand and their lip products are some of my all time favourites, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing more from this range.

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?

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Lots of love, SFS.


This post has been a long time in the making. In my brain that is. I’ve never posted about places I’ve visited or hotels I’ve stayed in because frankly, I don’t know how to go about them, but it was always something I wanted to do since starting my blog. So stepping out of my comfort zone, here goes my first hotel review! Back at the end of August me and my other half went away for week to lovely Rhodes and stayed in a hotel called Casa Cook.
It’s a bohemian style hotel which is what drew me to it in the first place. It’s all very white, chilled, minimalistic and has a very effortless vibe to it. But the thing I loved about it the most, and the thing that made me actually book into this hotel was the fact that every room had its very own access to the pool. There’s a shared pool surrounding each and every room and let me tell you, waking up, opening the curtains and seeing the pool right there was absolute bliss.

The hotel is situated in Kolymbia which is a very quite place with not much going on. You’re surrounded by massive rocks and small local restaurants but you will definitely need a car if you want to see more of the island. 
We got to the hotel in the evening and were greeted by a lovely man at reception who told us all there was to know about the hotel and how to get to places. After completing the check-in process, we got taken to our room in a buggy. This was something I was so excited about! Before then I had never even been in one. We booked into a double standard room with a veranda and sharing pool. It was quite small but very welcoming, it had the most laid back feel. The room was equipped with a TV, free wi-fi, mini bar, towels, safe, hairdryer, dressing gowns and slippers. The wardrobe was really spacious, and just opposite there was the toilet and the shower. They had Korres shower products available which I was so excited about as I love Korres as a brand. Of course we couldn’t wait to see the pool, so we opened the doors and saw the pool being lit up by all these bright colours. Seriously gorgeous stuff. Our veranda had two sun beds, a table and a couple of chairs, perfect place to chill out in the afternoon. The bigger rooms also had little straw stools and hammocks. 
After using the shower a couple of times I must say that they didn’t really think that one through. The water always used to seep through the sliding door into the room and into the toilet, which was quite annoying as we would have to lay down all the towels to soak it up. So that was a bummer. Another down side was the fact that there were always ants in the room. I don’t mean one or two, I mean like 100!! The man at reception did tell us there could be a possibility of this happening, but I wasn’t expecting so many of them. If you’re someone who’s scared of ants, this could be a turn off. Personally I didn’t mind them, it just wasn’t the nicest thing to step on before going to bed. I just wished they mentioned this on the website so people could be aware of the situation before booking, but I guess it was down to the very hot climate. We also had an issue with the wardrobe door, it somehow always used to become misplaced while we were sliding it, so we would often spend some time trying to put it back in its place. So yes, we did have a couple of hiccups, but other than that the place was an absolute dream. 

It’s an adult only hotel and I can’t tell you how amazing it was! I never knew how much of a difference it made until I experienced it. There is also a gym and a yoga room for anyone who wants to get a workout in during their stay. Like I mentioned before, there is a sharing pool running along every room. The sun only hit our room from around 10am to 2pm, so usually after that we would head out to the beach and then come back later to the main pool and hang out by the bar area. 
Breakfast at Casa Cook was different to any other hotel we had ever stayed in. It was all so healthy. No english breakfast in sight! I was secretly gutted about that because I do fancy myself some baked beans. It mainly consisted of a huge table filled with loads of cereals, goji berries, dried apricots, dried figs, nuts, cheese, fruit, cucumbers, a wide variety of breads and spreads. There was always a chef on sight making food to order. So we would queue and request if we wanted pancakes, omelettes - these were very popular, boiled or fried eggs and there was also bacon. There was always cold or natural drinks on hand; water, orange or carrot juice, and of course, hot drinks. We would always go for iced coffees. These were available at the lounge bar, but the waiters would always get them for us. Sitting outside was usually too much to bear as it was already boiling early in the morning, but if you can handle the heat it makes for a lovely start to the morning. We only had dinner at the hotel once and I must say that the food was delicious. It was slightly overpriced for what it was and the quantity, but the quality was definitely insane. I’ve never raved about chips so much in my life. I mean after all, they’re just chips, but these were on another level!

Despite the water and ant issue, I loved this hotel. I would absolutely love to go back and stay in one of their bigger rooms. They look beyond dreamy! 

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Lots of love, SFS.


I can almost hear you saying ‘not another Gucci belt’! I know! I know they’ve been everywhere lately, and I wasn’t going to post about it, but since deciding I was going to purchase one I found out that there isn’t much information out there regarding size references. I am far from rich, so going into a luxury boutique is something that scares the hell out of me. I find them really intimidating, so online luxury shopping is something I am very thankful for. 

When I went on the Gucci website I realised that for women they had two different belt size guides; waist and hip. So it depends where you’re planning on wearing your belt. I’m more of a high-rise anything kinda gal, but I do occasionally wear lower jeans or trousers, so I was slightly baffled as to what size to go for. I tried to google ‘Gucci belt sizes’ and even went on YouTube to try and get some advice, but all the videos I watched were very vague. Most of the girls mentioned that the belt was ‘true to size’ and I was like ‘uhm, what is your size?’. I know not everyone likes to disclose their measurements and sizes, but I don’t see anything wrong with it, plus, I find it extremely helpful because it gives the reader/viewer a better understanding of what size they need to pick up as they can compare their body measurements to yours. 
So in case you’re also looking to make an online Gucci belt purchase but are struggling to figure out what belt size to go for, I’ll be sharing my exact measurements - fingers crossed I’ve taken them correctly, and the sizes I usually wear in Topshop jeans as I know it’s a well known brand throughout the world. On the Gucci website there is a description about where you should take your measurements around the waist (around natural waistline, just above the navel and below the ribcage) and around the hips (where your low rise pants would fall). So it really depends if you want your belt to be high or low rise. I wanted a belt that could work for both situations and I’m guessing most people will want that too. 

I'm usually a UK size 8, I say usually because on the odd occasion I can go up to a 10 or down to a 6, but generally speaking, I am a size 8. My waist measurement is 26.5in/67cm and my hip measurement is 32in/81cm. For reference my Topshop Jamie jeans are a W28. With my measurements I got two different Gucci belt sizes, size 60 and size 80. But because I wanted the belt to fit on both low and high rise jeans, I winged it and went with the 75cm belt and it is perfect!! The belt comes with 5 holes and ideally you should use your belt in the middle one, and when I wear it with my high waisted jeans it falls perfectly in the middle, I can even get away with tightening it up a bit, but I can also use the belt with low rise trousers on the second hole. 

I went for the 1.5cm belt as it’s more wearable than the 4cm. I feel like the 4cm belt is realIy heavily branded and only looks good with jeans or trousers, whereas the 1.5cm belt is more subtle and works well with jeans, but also looks amazing at the waist with dresses or loose shirts. Also, the Gucci belt trend won’t be around forever as new trends are always coming in, so at least when it goes out of fashion the thinner belt won't be in everyones face.
I know not all of you will share my exact measurements, but at least you have something to go by, hopefully. And if you are ordering online like I did, Gucci have an amazing free returns policy so you can always send it back and have it exchanged. 

Let me know if this post was helpful and if you’re thinking of purchasing a Gucci belt for yourself :)

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Lots of love, SFS.


Growing out my own nails was something I dedicated most of 2016 to, but one thing I can’t stand doing is painting them. Due to this I always end up going for nail extensions which I know is dreadful! My natural nails are actually really strong and can grow out pretty long if I allow them to, but for some reason I always feel like I’m being overly cautious when I have my natural nails, so getting falsies always ends up happening every seven to eight months. So you guessed it, I am back to fake nails and I am loving every minute of it haha! :D
Instead of getting normal nail polish put on them I ended up asking for shellac. There was this girl at the nail salon holding the most gorgeous colour and she also had it on her nails, so of course I had to compliment her and ask for the shade. Don't act like you've never done it! It’s called Pink Pursuit and it’s by CND. It’s the most stunning neutral pink shade that looks opaque at the root of your nails, but semi-sheer in the extension part. I love that look! When first applied the colour looked a little peachy, but after it dries it goes this very light, natural pink. I have fallen in love with it and I can see myself getting the same colour time and time again.

What colour do you normally go for?

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Lots of love, SFS.


MAC is a place where I haven’t spent too much money on lately. Although I love some of their bits and repurchase them every so often, I just grew out of love with it. There are other brands that I love and use far more right now, however I went by a counter and couldn’t resist picking up a few bits, because let’s face it, it’s MAC! It’s known for a reason and that reason is that their quality is awesome and they have the best colour selection out there.

I’ve wanted to try their new Liptensity lipstick range for a while now and their nude shades have been on my radar ever since I laid eyes on them. I’ve been torn between Doe, Smoked Almond and Toast and Butter, but ended up going for Doe as it was the most neutral. It’s a gorgeous beige-y brown that makes my lips look fuller, almost like I lined them and the formulation is absolutely gorgeous. It’s quite thick, very creamy and the pigmentation reminds me of their Amplified lippies. It will without a doubt become a handbag favourite and it’s the only lipstick I’ve been wearing since I bought it.

The next two products I guess are cult products for the brand and they’re something MAC are known for. The Strobe Cream is something I've heard so much about but I really didn’t know if I was going to like it or not, so I didn’t want to buy the full size. Luckily I saw this little mini and snapped it up straight away. So far I’ve only used it a couple of times so I can’t really give you a full review, but so far, so good. It’s lightweight, doesn’t feel tacky on the skin and works really well when applied all over the face or just in the high points to add that extra glow. It’s a very iridescent pearly pink shade which I wouldn’t normally go for as I have an olive skin tone, but it works beautifully under makeup.

Lastly, I picked up the Cleanse Off Oil. This was something I didn’t plan on buying and never thought about picking up. I’ve always been rather happy with my Garnier makeup remover purchases, but I must say that this was love at first use. I’m sure most of you have heard about it, but I loved how effective it was. I worked this onto dry skin, all over my face and eye makeup until I resembled a panda, and then washed it all off with lukewarm water. It all came off so effortlessly and didn’t leave an oily residue on the face which I was quite surprised about. Highly recommend for anyone who doesn’t like spending too much time removing makeup, because this literally takes around two minutes to get rid of everything. And just in case you're wondering, I will 100% be picking up the full size!

What have you bought lately? :)

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Lots of love, SFS.


When it comes to lip products I’m usually a matte lipstick girl through and through. Either a matte lip or just lip balm. Yeah, it would seem like I’m an all or nothing kinda gal haha! However, lately I started watching a new series on Netflix, new to me anyway, it’s called The Client List. It’s a series I can throw on in the background while I’m cooking or doing stuff around the house as it doesn’t require too much concentration. Jennifer Love Hewitt is the main actress and she always wears lipgloss and not gonna lie, she got me raiding my makeup drawers to see what lip glosses I have laying around. I’ve been loving glosses lately thanks to that show, so I wanted to show you the four I’ve been rotating between.
They’re all pretty similar in colour, pinky nudes. I always say that I struggle to wear pink lipsticks, but when it comes to lip glosses I actually think they suit me pretty well. Chanel Glossimer in 181 is a pinky peach with gold shimmers. Laura Mercier Angelic is the palest out of them all, almost like a milky pink and I never in a million years thought that I would suit this shade, but in lipgloss form it actually looks very nice with a smokey eye. Blush by Laura Mercier is definitely more of a ‘my lips but better’ kinda shade. It’s a browny pink that really does look like my natural lip colour, just with a lot of shine. And lastly the NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu. I found NYX in my local Boots last month and was so excited! I’ve wanted to try their lip products for such a long time! But I must admit that I was a little overwhelmed by all the amazing colours they had on display so I ended up just picking one shade. It reminds me a lot of the Chanel lipgloss but more pink and no shimmer.
L to R: Chanel 181, L.Mercier Angelic, L.Mercier Blush, NYX Tiramisu

They all feel lovely on the lips and none of them are sticky which is something I found really surprising. I had this idea that all lip glosses were uncomfortable and sticky to wear, but I guess I got lucky because I have no complaints when it comes to these four.

Are you a lipgloss or a lipstick kinda gal?

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Lots of love, SFS.


If you read my post on What I Got For Christmas, then you will have seen that I asked for some new skincare bits. Skincare is just something that I love but have been quite lazy with for the last couple of months, and something I don’t really like spending my money on, mainly because I like to invest in quality skincare, and usually when one product runs out, every thing else rans out with it. Really annoying, haha. I have done a skincare post on here before, and the products I mentioned in that post are still in my skincare drawer and I still love them all very much, but these new additions have been a godsend! I was starting to get very dry patches around my mouth, so I knew I had to change something. I don’t know what product to thank, but my skin is now soft as a baby’s bottom and I’ve never seen it more glowy.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my previous skincare post, but I don’t always wash my face in the morning. I just can’t be bothered sometimes. So instead of using a cleanser or just splashing water on my face, I’ll just take this Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic (or any other facial spritz I have laying around) onto a cotton round and wipe that all over my face. I know it’s not the most hygienic, but I have dry skin and washing my face all the time can be quite harsh for me. 

I then move on to serum. Now this is a step that I haven’t taken in over half a year if not more! Like I said before, I got a bit lazy with my skincare and cut out on steps that I couldn’t be bothered doing every day. But for Christmas I asked for the Kypris Antioxidant Dew and o.m.g, it’s life changing! If you have dull, dry skin, you need this! It’s a liquid-y texture, that kinda looks like milk and comes with a pipet. I usually take around three to four drops of this and pat it on to my face and neck. Then moving on to eyes, you’ll be shocked to see that the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment is not being mentioned (well, it is now I guess lol), I still absolutely love it and recommend it for anyone who wants a fuss free eye cream, however, I tried Bright Eyes by Goldfaden MD a couple of months ago and loved how hydrated and tight it made my eyes feel. The packaging is fab, it comes with a pump which is so much more convenient for hygiene purposes, it dispenses the perfect amount of product and is just a brand that needs more hype, because honestly, I haven’t heard anyone talk about it and I don’t understand how and why?!!

Although I loved the Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer moisturiser, I felt like towards the end it just wasn’t doing much for my skin. I had heard so many great things about the Sunday Riley Tidal moisturiser, how it was lightweight, really hydrating, absorbed easily, that I wanted to give it a go and I  must say that I agree with it all. It’s a great all year round moisturiser, it’s not too light to the point where you feel like all you're massaging is water, but it’s not thick either, it has a great consistency. The smell is a bit odd, kinda smells like cucumber. Don’t know if that’s just me? But it’s a pleasure to use and my skin hasn’t looked this good in a really long time!

Lastly, to remove my makeup I use the Garnier Miceller Oil-Infused Cleansing Water. Garnier in general make some of the best makeup removers in my opinion. Their original micellar water was fab, their eye makeup removers and the 2-in-1 makeup removers are some of my all time favourites, and this oil-infused version didn’t disappoint. It’s great for anyone with normal to dry skin. Your skin feels clean, but not squeaky clean to the point where you feel like your face is going to rip if you smile, it leaves a moisturising film on the face which I personally like. I know it won’t be for everybody but it definitely works for me. It removes any kind of makeup, waterproof or not, very easily and the best part is that it’s super cheap and lasts ages!

Have you tried any of these products?

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Lush is just one of those shops that I can’t walk by without walking in. Something about the people who work there, who are ever so friendly, and of course, the smell, everyone inside is always in a good mood, it’s just all very inviting. For a while I have been trying to get my hands on the Million Dollar Moisturiser, but every single time I walk in it seems to be out of stock. Last time I went by Lush was around Christmas time, of course I went in to buy presents to give to people, but instead ended up buying a shedload for myself, oops! We’ve all done it right? I’ve used up a lot of the stuff I bought, but wanted to show you what remains in my Lush Christmas collection stash. Also, I won’t be going into detail on what they smell like, because I absolutely suck at describing scents so I’ll spare you haha. 

Let’s kick things off with my favourite, the Butterbear Bath Bomb. As you may be able to tell mine has been decapitated, but it’s by far one of my favourite bath bombs ever! I was initially sold on the fact that it’s a bear and has the cutest name in the world, but it smells amazing and is incredibly moisturising. I always feel like I’m giving my body a little treat whenever I use this and I never feel the need to moisturise when I get out of the bath.

The only Bubble Bath I got was the Santasaurus. I am yet to try this, but their bubble baths are usually great value for money as you can reuse them a few times before they run out. Also, how cute does it look with the santa hat? Yep. I’m not ready to let go of Christmas just yet! Two favourites that I always pick up are the So White and the Luxury Pud bath bombs. So White doesn’t look too exciting in the bath, but it’s one I always gravitate towards because of the amazing smell and calming effect it has on me. Luxury Pud on the other hand is one of those I always watch while it fizzles away into my bath. The colours are absolutely stunning and I love the smell it leaves in the bathroom! It’s a very relaxing scent, so I like to use this one in the evenings before bed. 

Last but not least, Shoot for the stars. I’m not actually sure that I’ve used this one before but the blue looks so pretty and I can imagine how gorgeous the gold glitter must look in the bath!

Do you have any Christmas Bath Bombs left? Let me know your favourites!

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Happy Friday lovelies!! I don’t always get weekends off, and I think I’ve mentioned before that I prefer having my days off during the week as everything is less crowded, but this week I happen to be off Saturday and Sunday and I am so glad. I have been working my little butt off! How was your week? Any big plans for the weekend? I wanted to share my Instagram page for those who aren’t familiar with it. I know it mainly consists of summer pictures but I just can’t let go. It’s been absolutely freezing in the UK and I’m dying for warmer days. What’s the weather like where you live? I’m about to start getting ready for work, last flight of the week, yaay. It’s been a good one so far, great start to the year. Hope yours has been great too :) 

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I thought that picking out my 2016 favourites was going to be really though, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy. When it comes to makeup I pretty much stick to the same products everyday. I used to be far more adventurous with my makeup looks but since I don’t go out as much anymore, I just stick to what suits my complexion.

Let’s kick things off with base. For me it will never get better than the YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation. I believe it’s going to be, or is, discontinued which breaks my heart into a million pieces, but it’s by far my favourite foundation in the world! It gives a medium coverage with the most incredible natural looking glow. On days where I didn’t fancy wearing foundation but still wanted something on my face I found myself reaching for the By Terry CC Serum in Sunny Flash, it’s a ‘I’ve just spent a couple of hours in the sun’ face in a bottle. 

Underneath my eyes I used the same product every day I wore makeup, the Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Emerge. It’s your eye bags best friend! For eyeshadow I went for the same two palettes almost every time, Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and my Z-Palette which contains three of my my most used crease shades from Makeup Geek: Cocoa Bear, Peach Smoothie and Creme Brûlée

Liquid eyeliner wasn’t something I wore too much of this year, but the Kevyn Aucoin Precision Liquid Liner and the Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick (not pictured) were my top two. They’re both on a higher price point, but they are super pigmented and lasted me over three months before drying out. That’s something I had never had with cheaper brands. Liquid eyeliner out of the way, my favourite eye pencil was the NYX Slide On Pencil in Golden Bronze. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a golden look. To finish off on the eyes, my favourite mascara of 2016 was the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof mascara. It’s a little biatch to remove, but it holds the curl so well and makes me look like I’m wearing falsies.
The ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe has seriously changed my eyebrow game, but on days where I fancied going all out and defining my brows a tad more, I used the Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro in Wenge Wood. It added that extra darkness at the tail of my brows. Choosing my favourite lipsticks was easy peasy, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Walkyrie was, and still is, my favourite! I’ve been through almost the whole thing. You can read more about it here. On days where I fancied a bit more colour and longevity, the ABH Liquid Lipstick in Kathryn was a no brainer. The colour really suits my skin tone, makes my teeth look whiter and lasts through hours of eating and drinking. Last but not least in the beauty department, my favourite discovery this whole year was the Givenchy Les Saisons bronzer, it’s honestly incredible and I now recommend it to all my friends. I think Givenchy is such an underrated brand that needs to be spoken about a lot more!

As you can see there is no mention of a body favourite and that’s because nothing really rocked my boat, the same cannot be said about hair. I went a lot blonder this year so the L’oreal Professionnel Silver Shampoo was a life saver! It really does get rid of brassiness like no other purple shampoo. Highly recommend it for any blondes with orange bits in their hair. For styling, of course, the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I’ve been through so many of these I’d hate to add up all the money I’ve spent on it haha, but it’s most definitely worth every penny. 

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 perfume was something I did not expect to include in this yearly roundup, however I completely fell in love with it after bashing it in a blog post haha typical isn’t it? It’s just one of those perfumes that always gets people asking what it is you’re wearing. And for candle I have to give it to Diptyque Feu de Bois, it’s the closest I’ll get to a burning fire in this little flat of mine. 

What were your 2016 favourites? 

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